Workplace ReportĀ 


Of Workplaces would recommend a OneLife Suffolk Health Check?

Did you have any fears about your NHS Health Check prior to the appointment?

  • Yes 15% 15%
  • No 85% 85%

How did you practioner put you at ease?

completely at ease

My practitioner made me feel completely at ease and ensured that I had a clear understanding of results and how to improve my lifestyle.


By explaining what was going to happen and what results would be shared with me and my GP.

Amazing Practioner

She was brilliant and very polite, I felt at ease, and in fact my health was very good.

What changes have you made since having your FREE workplace NHS Health Check?

“It has encouraged me to be healthier and especially more conscious of my cholesterol levels.”

“I have joined slimming world with the help of the OneLife 12 week slimming world offer, i have also taken up running! I have lost nearly 2 stone!”

“I am now exercising much more – improved my diet and have lost 4kg so far!”

How has your workplace changed since haveing NHS Health Checks?

“We cover several topics including mens health, know your numbers, sun protection, hydration, Mental Heatlh (we have Mental Health First aiders) cholesterol, we are looking to and have contacted OneLife about diabetes. Food and nutrition. We have Helath and Wellbeing champions and a dedicated Health and Wellbeing team.”

“We have had mini health checks through OneLife. We also do other things for our staff MentalHealth Week coming up with lots of events, we promote no smoking men’s health, PSA testing Osteoporosis testing to name a few. “

“we provide fresh fruit to our staff. we are linking in with CABA who are running wellbeing campaigns. we have got a rowing machine in our office to encourage staff to be active during the day.”

What would you say to other workplaces that may be considering
having OneLife Suffolk NHS Health Checks on-site?

“I encourage workplaces to have OneLife Suffolk NHS health checks on site. It is easy for staff to attend without taking time off work with no travelling. It may highlight a health issue and may prevent anything serious.”

“Very good investment of time as yours staffs wellbeing is more important than anything else and will lead to better attendance anyway if health issues addressed early. “

“It’s a no brainer. Super service.”

How would you summerise the staffs experience?

“Staff can’t always get an appointment at their surgeries for this around work commitments. Staff delighted with the opportunity.”

“Staff commented that both people undertaking the checks were very helpful and the information they came away with was useful.”

“Wow didn’t realise how easy that was. Found out i had high blood pressure now on tablets from my GP and feeling better physically.”