Helping local people live healthier lives.

What will you learn on the Making Every Contact Count training?

The Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training offered by OneLife Suffolk will teach you to support an individual to make lifestyle behaviour changes and understand which services you could refer people on to.

Following completion of the training you will be able to

1. Define ‘Brief Advice’ and ‘Brief Intervention’ and understand the difference

2. Learn how you can make the most of 5 mins with ‘Brief Advice’

3. Understand the Behaviour Change Model

4. Understand the need for effective communication skills and the use of motivational interviewing skills with a ‘Brief Intervention’

5. Learn about Key Health Messages

6. Practise raising health issues with individuals, then supporting them to make healthy lifestyle changes

7. Practise using the health leaflets and be aware of the website resource to support the training session