What our clients say about us

Our services are commissioned by Suffolk County Council Public Health and are available FREE to Suffolk residents* *Subject to programme eligibility criteria. You will find many case studies on each of our service pages which we invite you to also read.

Our staff are passionate about “Helping local people live healthier lives” and we are delighted to share the following feedback we have received from our clients. This is why we do what we do!


We have added our most recent feedback we have received during the Coronavirus COVID-19  outbreak here;

“I am so grateful that this support is available to me as I feel that this is my last chance to quit. I am very determined to quit and really appreciate the help. I had received support from Tom before and he was wonderful.”

OneLife Suffolk Client

Stop Smoking Service

“I attended your Kessingland group- Monday mornings after being referred by my GP- I’m a type 1 diabetic since 1994 have had hypothyroidism since 1999,  my body  weight since then has crept up to be being morbidly obsese.  

I was 1 of 3 men and 16 Ladies in the class- I thought I’d feel awkward as I used to go to another weight loss programme and really felt I was imposing on a woman only classes which I found intimidating and awkward especially when they singled me out and clapped every time someone spoke,  I really couldn’t stand it and didn’t in the end. 

That certainly was not the case here- Day one I was made to feel comfortable and at ease in the class – Ann has such a nice manner without being patronizing and it was nice to know also that Ann spoke from the heart,  drawing from her own experience with weight gain and lack of confidence. 

Well I took to the concept of this  ”one life” ethos and I’m so pleased to say that my goal of 0.5 kg per week i am achieving, ok it’s not all downhill but I am losing weight slowly,  I gained my 5% weight loss in week 10, I think?- Now I can’t wait for the gym to reopen helping to shift more weight off. 

Another great service is that Ann calls me to ask  “how am I doing” that means such a lot, and the offer  to give continued support should I need it is very comforting to know…. I’ll miss it when it finishes -I really wish you’d  do paid weekly classes- it would be a winner! 

 Although we didn’t finish our 12 weekly classes due to Covid 19 lockdown I would just like to say and have it recorded with you that your company has a very special person in Ann, I worked as a NHS Paramedic for 34, years and I know when someone is genuine and  caring. – Ann is a very genuine happy and caring person, who puts people at ease whilst delivering your great  programme  and ethos with ease and in a professional manner,  drawing from her own personal experience which makes her classes interesting and creditable.

My respect to your company for your diversity in these exceptional times, still achieving contact and support with us-your clients.

You are Key workers in my eyes!

 Concluding; I can honestly say that before I went to these  classes I was inevitably a candidate for heart failure and more So an early death was in sight.. without question!

This course and Ann without being dramatic has saved my life , and I would just like to sincerely say a big  “Thank you” to  Ann, and All of you  at One life! For giving me my life back and  long may you continue to do so. 🙏

My Kindest regards”

OneLife Suffolk Client

Adult Weight Management

“I would like to say that I am very grateful for the continuing support I have received from Ann, during lockdown. 

I was half way through the 12 week course and was about to start on the gym sessions when lockdown began.

I hear from her every week, and she is so supportive, and praises even the slightest loss, or even staying the same.  Conversations with her aren’t all about weight either, we talk about other big things we are dealing with like death of a friend, which happened to me recently, she is kind and understanding.   It’s reassuring to know she is on the end of the phone if needed.

Seeing in the press today the links between obesity and dying from Covid – it hits home how much more important it is to get the excess weight off, I hope that message hits home to many people, who knows what long term effect this virus could have on our bodies – very worrying for the younger people.”

OneLife Suffolk Client

Adult Weight Management

“Hi just to say thank you to onelife Suffolk and the weight control manager Ann. 

I have now lost 3.5 stone the support from Ann has been tremendous she really cares and takes an interest in what we are doing. 

She always has time to talk about our problems we may have. 

Any way I have now reduced my insuline by 3/4  and the diabetic nurse says loose another 1/2 stone or more and I could come off Insuline that is a great Insentive So thank you very much. I am telling every body about onelife Suffolk.

Thank you again please pass this on to Ann.”

OneLife Suffolk Client

Adult Weight Management

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