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OneLife Suffolk

In addition to our groups solely for individuals who live with Learning Disabilities we are also piloting a carers programme.

The programme will follow our traditional Adult Weight Management programme, however it will be adapted for the need of the carer and the individual they are caring for.

The programme will run for 12 weeks mirroring the other groups on the pilot, but will be delivered via zoom only. Up to 10 carers will be in per group to ensure that everyone has their individual needs met.

As part of the programme carers will need to monitor, collect and report on the clients progress and the clients BMI on week 1, week 7 and week 12 of the programme.

All resources for the programme will be provided including easy read documents as well as our traditional Adult Weight Method booklet for the carer to use.

If you are interested in the carers programme and would like to sign up please contact Judith Godfrey at: