StopTogether Suffolk

OneLife Suffolk and Public Health at Suffolk County Council have teamed up this #stoptober to bring you #StopTogetherSuffolk

This October we are working to promote StopTober, the 28-day challenge to stop smoking, however, in Suffolk we want everyone to be involved so that individuals StopTOGETHER.

This campaign is about supporting each other, doing it TOGETHER.
Providing the skills, needed to make this the final quit.

> If you are a workplace; encourage your staff to stop smoking and inform your staff that our Stop smoking service can help- for free!
> If you are a family; thinking about stopping smoking our Stop Smoking Service can help.
> If you are a smoker, our stop smoking service can help.
> If you are a group of friends; who would like to stop smoking, our stop smoking service can help.
> If you are an ex-smoker or a non-smoker; support your friends, family and colleagues to stop smoking give them the support they need, our stop smoking services can help.
StopTOGETHER, stop forever!

Do you want free stop smoking support?

Did you know, as well as accessing OneLife Suffolk’s support, you can also get this service from your GP practice or local pharmacy?

If you are not looking for face to face support right now, we have a new forum you can join on our Facebook page where you can receive information, advice and tips from others on how you could successfully stop smoking. Click here to join

Need some motivation

check out this lovely success story…

Where else can I find advice and information?

Check out the following links for further information

Click HERE for information from the British Heart Foundation

Click HERE for information from Cancer Research

Click HERE for information from the British Lung Foundation

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Why not try these quick and effective 10 minute workouts, specially designed, so you don't need any equipment!

Stress has been linked to several health problems such as #obesity and heart disease.

Developing strategies to manage stress is a key focus in our #weightmanagement programmes. Find out more about our services:

#stressmanagement #HealthyLiving

You may have noticed that we have a new website.

We are continuing to work on developing and improving the site, so we would love to hear from you.

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