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Book a Stop Smoking Appointment

OneLife Suffolk

To start your 12-week Stop Smoking programme, please book a telephone appointment with a OneLife Suffolk Stop Smoking practitioner. This is an appointment to discuss your referral, take your details and to go through the various treatments/medications that are available to help you with your quit attempt. Please note, smoking cessation aids are best used in combination with support from your Stop Smoking Practitioner.

Once you have booked your telephone appointment, you will receive an email confirmation. If you have an online calendar and want to add your appointment, you can do so by clicking the Add to your calendar link in the email you receive.

  • Click on a date in the calendar (below)
  • Click on a time that suits you best and click Confirm
  • Enter your name, email and telephone number we can reach you on.
  • Answer the additional questions to help us with your call
  • Click Schedule call then check your email for confirmation.
Book a Stop Smoking Appointment here