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Smoking Cessation Training

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Due to Covid-19 face-2-face smoking cessation training has been paused. OneLife Suffolk will be offering training over Zoom and dates will be published soon. 

Pausing Face-to-Face Consultations and CO monitoring during Covid-19.

In view of the unprecedented circumstances national guidance suggest it is appropriate to pause CO testing during this period as a precautionary measure. It should be re-introduced as soon as the COVID-19 situation has resolved to a background risk. 

For more information see NCSCT briefing.

NCSCT Smoking Cessation Online

If you or any staff members you are responsible for are interested in becoming a Level Two Stop Smoking Practitioner, please register and complete the NCSCT online training found in the following link: http://elearning.ncsct.co.uk/practitioner_training-registration If you or staff you manage have already completed Level Two Smoking Cessation training, refresher modules can be accessed online.

All professionals can access the pregnancy and postpartum, specialist modules on the NCSCT website by clicking the following link:  http://www.ncsct.co.uk/publication_very-brief-advice.php

Midwives can access the NCSCT briefing: http://www.ncsct.co.uk/publication_briefing_for_midwifery_staff.php

Level Two Smoking Cessation Training

At OneLife Suffolk, we offer Level 2 Practitioner Training days, totally free of charge. Due to COVID-19 face-2-face training is currently suspended. If you would like to have training over Zoom, please contact eliza.seager@onelifesuffolk.co.uk for further details. Please note, you must have registered and completed the online NCSCT training before booking onto training. 

If you are a new smoking cessation provider, please see the Service Guidelines & Application Process.

Smoking Cessation Refresher Training

If you or staff you manage have already completed Level Two Smoking Cessation training, refresher modules can be accessed online.

The OneLife Suffolk Stop Smoking Service Update/ Refresher Training can also be accessed online. Please contact eliza.seager@onelifesuffolk.co.uk for further details.

Data & Systems

To request access and a log-in for the New QuitManager System, to add patient data (to receive payment for your quits) please contact systemsupport@onelifesuffolk.co.uk

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