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Wellbeing Walk Leader Training

OneLife Suffolk

The logo for the Wellbeing Walk Leader Training service.

The Volunteer Walk Leader training is a free half day course with online module for anyone who would like to volunteer to lead walks or be a backmarker for the Wellbeing Walks scheme, provided locally by OneLife Suffolk. We are now able to offer face to face walk leader training again as well as training online over Zoom.

Ramblers Wellbeing Walks is England’s most extensive network of Wellbeing Walk schemes and helps all kinds of people to lead a more active lifestyle. Our walks are led by friendly and specially trained volunteers who, along with fellow walkers, provide all the advice and encouragement a new walker needs to build fitness at a pace that’s right for them. In just a short time, a small amount of regular exercise can significantly improve a person’s health, well-being and confidence and from what our walkers tell us, there’s plenty of laughter to be heard on our walks.

Once you have completed the training day you will:


Be invited to biannual meetings and receive update training


Receive support from your wellbeing walk coordinator and fellow volunteers

Lead Groups

Have the option to lead/backmark a group or buddy up with new walkers

Be part of somthing great!

Be part of England’s most extensive network of wellbeing walk schemes

Get active

Help people to get active and live healthier lives

We have upcoming Wellbeing Walk Lead training sessions in May.

For information about upcoming Wellbeing Walk leader training, please contact