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Access Criteria

Stop Smoking

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Stop Smoking

Our Stop Smoking service is accessible to anyone who has smoked a tobacco product in the last 48 hours and is 12 years old and above. Our Stop Smoking Practitioners have a wealth of training and experience in smoking cessation and helping clients with behaviour change.

You will begin with a 12-week programme which includes regular sessions with your Stop Smoking Practitioner, Carbon Monoxide monitoring and access to a variety of treatments. We can help you find what works best for you. That might be a direct supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or prescription medication (if applicable). OneLife Suffolk can support you to stay smoke-free for up to a year!

Join the thousands of Suffolk residents who have quit with the FREE support of OneLife Suffolk.

Feeling short of breath…? Take a short breath test

You can complete a breath test by clicking here: https://breathtest.blf.org.uk/

It takes 5 minutes to complete and will inform you of whether your feeling short of breath is normal or a sign of something more serious.