Onelife Suffolk services have now ceased delivery in Suffolk. Our company Morelife UK Ltd operate nationally providing valuable health information and interventions, for further information about our services and what we do please visit

Our Programmes

Get Help to Get Active

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We want to support more people to move more and lead active, healthy lifestyles. We offer two levels of support:

Get Help

Our ‘Get Help’ service provides up to 12 months of support with a qualified exercise referral instructor, starting with our 12 – week programme. This programme consists of:

  • The opportunity to attend up to two supervised exercise sessions per week
  • Individual consultation to discuss current lifestyle and identify specific goals
  • An exercise plan to help you manage and improve your physical activity
  • Support in progressing your exercise plan forwards so that you can achieve goals

Alongside the above, you will have access to educational content covering key topic areas such as how to exercise safely, overcoming barriers and staying motivated.

After your 12 weeks, you will have access to ongoing support to help you maintain and develop a healthier, active lifestyle in the long run.

Get Active

Not everyone requires supervision or support. OneLife Suffolk is committed to helping locate physical activity options near you. The Get Help to Get Active Team are passionate and knowledgeable exercise professionals and links in many of the Suffolk communities. We often partner with local leisure and exercise providers to offer Suffolk communities opportunities to increase their physical activity – so please continue to check the website for updates or give us a call regarding the latest offers.

Alternatively, you could always attend a walk near you with OneLife Suffolk Wellbeing Walk volunteers Find a walk near you

The benefits of our programme:

Being more physically active:

  • Improves your ability to move, improving quality of life
  • Supports health and management of medical conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoporosis
  • Improves your ability to focus
  • Can improve mood and increase confidence
  • Helps manage stress

Our programme really works;

“I discovered things like the importance of everyday functions, such as keeping hydrated, sleeping well and being active, which doesn’t necessarily mean heavy exercise. I walk two miles a day without stopping, sometimes twice a day. I have lost 7 stone and am still losing. My well-being has improved dramatically, and it’s not just size and mobility. It’s how you feel – I feel happier, I feel more able to cope, I feel healthier, and my activity levels have increased.”

And it’s FREE!

OneLife Suffolk is a partnership between Leeds Beckett University and MoreLife.  Our programmes and services are funded by Suffolk County Council, allowing us to offer them to local Suffolk residents for free.

Now more than ever, it is time to prioritise your health and your happiness. Start your physical activity journey with OneLife Suffolk today. Contact our client services team on 01473 718193 or sign up using our online form.

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Not sure you qualify?

If you are not eligible for our programme you may find some of these tips useful:

Find activities that you enjoy.

  • By finding something you enjoy doing, you are more likely to keep doing it.
  • Ask a friend or relative to join/take part with you.

Not all days are the same; make the most of the good ones.

  • Listen to your body; do what you can.
  • When you are having a good day, make the most of it. On the other days, just try to move as much as you can.

Start small

  • Little and often is key.
  • It isn’t realistic to go from 0-100 straight away. You are aiming for small steps in the right direction.

Just move

  • Whether this is a run or simply doing some seated exercises for 5 minutes, the aim is just to move more than you currently are.

Download our top tips and activity diary HERE.