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Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Weight Management

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OneLife Suffolk is packed with guidance and advice on how to live healthier, but we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions. Please let us know if there is a question you would like the answer to that isn’t listed here.

I am housebound or unable to attend a group due to my health…

If you are unable to attend a group due to a physical disability or mental health issue, then please contact us on 01473 718193. We deal with every issue on a case by case basis.

I am registered with a Suffolk GP but my address is outside of Suffolk, why can’t I access the service?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer support to Suffolk residents as OneLife Suffolk is funded by the Public Health team at Suffolk County Council. However, please see links below of similar services offered in the surrounding counties:

Norfolk – Health and well being support

Essex – Weight management

Cambridgeshire – Adult Weight Management

Can I bring a carer or support worker?

This is fine if this person is there solely for your support.

They will not be weighed and offered the same support but can stay with you throughout the 12- weeks or where required.

Can I bring my child to the group?

No. We understand that this may make attending a session difficult, however, everyone needs to feel comfortable to discuss and share some personal details.

If childcare is an issue, you may want to consider attending one of our Zoom group sessions instead.

If you feel the whole family needs support with weight loss or maintaining a healthy lifestyle and your child is above a healthy weight, then perhaps our children and family programmes would suit you better. Find out more about this service here.

Do I have to do exercise on the course?

No. We do not deliver any physical activity, but we do dedicate one session to the importance of physical activity and the impact it may have on your weight loss journey.

However, if you have a long term health condition, our Get Help To Get Active programme does offer physical activity support. Please get in touch to find out more.

What is the cost?

The programme is FREE, all we ask is that you commit to the programme.

Is the venue accessible and is there parking?

We carry out a risk assessment on all potential venues before booking them.

We will always consider and chose a venue based on accessibility to try to ensure that we meet the needs of as many people as possible. If this is not the case, we will ensure this is made known to anyone interested in booking onto the programme.

We will also make sure there is parking, or parking close to the venue.

What if there is not a group local to me?

If you are a Suffolk resident and require some support to lose weight, then please do still get in touch. Call our client services team on 01473 718193.

If your preference is to access a OneLife Suffolk programme, we can take your details and add you to a waiting list where you will then be contacted once a group is scheduled in your area.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

At OneLife Suffolk, we understand that 12 weeks is a relatively short period of time, particularly when attempting to lose weight. If you complete a programme with us, you will be offered ongoing monthly maintenance sessions.

This provides the opportunity to raise any challenges you need some additional support with, continue to have your weight checked by your practitioner and share tips and advice with your fellow group members, as well as gain tips from them too!

What if I miss a session?

Please do not worry, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way or you have scheduled plans which may clash with one of your sessions.

Please do let your practitioner know if you are not going to be able to make a session as soon as possible.

You are required to attend a minimum of 8 sessions to complete the course, more than this will result in too much content missed.

Who will be leading the sessions?

You will be supported by a practitioner trained by our experienced, clinical team. The practitioners at OneLife Suffolk come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have a common interest and passion for supporting clients.

Many of our practitioners have made some very positive lifestyle changes themselves, helping them to relate to the challenges you may face along the way.

The OneLife Suffolk programmes are evidence-based which means we use the latest research to inform our programme content and our partnership with Leeds Beckett University allows us to access the most recent research.

Am I weighed at each session?

Yes. Do not panic though, this will not be shared with the rest of the group, and it will be carried out by your practitioner in a private area of the room where no one else can see.

What do I need to wear?

You do not need to wear anything specific, you will not be carrying out any physical activity, but we suggest that you wear shoes which are easy to slip on and off so it easier when using the scales to take your weight.

How many people will be on the group?

There will never be more than 18 people on a group and although this may still feel daunting, remember everyone is there wanting the same outcome and may all relate to the way you are feeling too.

What happens once I have booked on to the OneLife Suffolk programme?

Firstly, well done. We understand that making that call to access support is often the hardest part! Once you have found out that you qualify for FREE weight management support and you have contacted the OneLife Suffolk client services team, you will receive a confirmation letter in the post including date, venue and time. You will also receive a courtesy call from your practitioner who will introduce themselves and answer any additional questions.