How frequently will I attend?

You will need to attend a 1 to 1 once per week for 6-12 weeks. There are also other options available such as telephone support of online support.

How old do I need to be?

12 years old plus, Children of 12 -16 should be preferably accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What is NRT?

NRT refers to Nicotine Replacement Therapy which are items such as patches, sprays and other Nicotine replacement medications. 

Will I have to pay?

The Onelife Suffolk Stop Smoking service is FREE. It offers psychological support as well as FREE NRT support for up to 12 weeks. Items such as Champix will be the usual prescription charge.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?


Like anything in life doing it together can sometimes be easier and more enjoyable. Nothing could be truer than with quitting smoking if you have decided to quit smoking while your partner continues this can make your quit attempt even harder with the temptation a little too close for comfort!.   

Main benefits of stopping together;

  • More support– Quitting together will enable you to support each other through the harder times. And there is nothing like a little healthy competition.
  • Double the saving– If you and your partner both smoke you could get double the savings by both kicking the habit!
  • No second-hand smoke – if you both quit smoking you will no longer have to deal with second-hand smoke! And once you’ve quit the smell can really repulse you.


My partner is quitting smoking, how can i help?
  • Keep calm – nicotine withdrawal can cause low mood and also make your partner more susceptible to low and changeable mood. Always remember it’s the nicotine talking, not them!
  • Communication- Keeping communicating during quitting smoking is very important and can help avoid conflict if both parties are clear about how they feel.
  • Offer distraction- Go to the movies (and let them choose the show), Take a walk, go for a meal out. There are many options to help your partner not think about smoking.
  • Celebrate – celebrate their small achievements.