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Open letter calls residents to look after health as lockdown stresses take effect

Suffolk residents are being urged to look after their health during the lockdown in an open letter published by healthy lifestyle services provider, OneLife Suffolk.

Last year over 12,000 Suffolk residents joined a healthy lifestyle programme and the majority of these were delivered online. OneLife Suffolk adapted its programmes to suit virtual online delivery and made over 75,000 calls.

The provider, which is commissioned by Suffolk County Council Public Health, fears that the feeling of being ‘out of control’ during third national lockdown is preventing people from getting in touch to seek the help they need. 

OneLife Suffolk offers Adult Weight Management, Children and families programmes, Stop Smoking support, Get Help to Get Active, Health walks and NHS Health Checks.

Lisa Cox, Head of OneLife Suffolk says; “A lot of things are out of people’s control at the moment – they could be hit financially, or be struggling with childcare while working from home. So it’s unsurprising that looking after yourself can slip to the bottom of the priority list.

“Sleep quality, stress levels, exercise and having support from people around us all play a huge role in our mental health and all of our services help people look at each of these areas so they can make improvements and start to feel the benefits.

“Our main message is that you are not alone. If you would like to make some changes like quitting smoking, getting you or your family active or losing weight then you can do this with our support. Our services are free. Let us help you find some time and motivation in 2021, just give us a call.”

Alongside the open letter to the public OneLife Suffolk is calling on community organisations to work together to signpost its healthy lifestyle programmes, all of which are designed to support good mental as well as physical health.

The open letter to the public is published on OneLife Suffolk’s website where there’s information about all the programmes as well as podcasts and webinars covering topics such as mindfulness, managing stress, healthy eating and keeping active.

Contact OneLife Suffolk on 01473 718193. Or visit Sign up for our Free Services – OneLife Suffolk

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