Health Check Case Studies 

During a Recent survey, we found that 95% found booking a health check an easy process.  With 97% of clients finding the health check useful. 

38% of clients who had a health check were made aware of a medical condition such as High blood pressure, Cholesterol! 

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you to One Life Suffolk for providing our Pack Members at Timberwolf with the opportunity of having free NHS Health Checks and Mini MOTs at our workplace. What a fantastic service, the health check advisors were very friendly and approachable, and yes it was free. We would strongly recommend you contact them today to arrange a visit.”


Timberwolf, Stowmarket Suffolk

I took advantage of the Free NHS Health Check on offer at my workplace and was so glad I did. It was very informative, and the advice given encouraged me to make some life style changes in order to improve my health both now and long term

OneLife suffolk Client

Timberwolf,Stowmarket Suffolk

“We were pleased to have the OneLife Suffolk Health Checks for staff at our Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds branches.  The tests done were able to provide indicators for general health and lifestyle pointers.

I would also like to say that the health checks proved to be very popular among staff members who find it difficult to arrange health check appointments around work and busy family lives.  It was very easy to book an appointment for you to come in and other than providing a room for the checks to take place in, there was no disruption to our normal working day.” 

OneLife Suffolk Client

Glasswells, Ipswich.

“ I found it very educational, I had concerns that I may have issues such as cholesterol etc but had buried my head in the sand for fear of what I might have to change but all was okay! I was offered a 12week slimming world voucher and I have now lost almost 2 stone, my BMI is almost within the healthy range!”

Client from Facebook

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