Our 12 week programme

The OneLife Suffolk 12-week, group programme offers a psychologically-informed model. Each session lasts for one and a half hours with a 30-minute drop in before or after. Our practitioners don’t tell people what to do, instead, you will be guided and supported to understand how thoughts, emotions and feelings influence decisions.

Week 1 - Starting Your Journey
  • Learning the importance of keeping a food diary
  • Understanding the importance of self-monitoring
Week 2 - ‘How to lose weight’
  • Exploring the different methods of weight loss
  • Calculating clients bespoke Estimated Energy Requirement
Week 3 - Influences & Mindful eating
  • Understanding and recognise weight influences.
  • Making informed choices – regulate impulse control
Week 4 - Reading labels
  • Gain a better understanding of reading food labels.
  • Understanding/comparing food labels e.g. portion size, calorie value.
Week 5 - Nutrition and Portion Control
  • Understanding the difference between eating for weight loss and eating healthy.
  • Understand portion sizes in relation to calories.
Week 6 - Activity
  • Understand what is meant by activity.
  • Able to identify ways of overcoming barriers/hurdles.
  • Activity vs Calories
Week 7 - Emotional Eating
  • Understanding the difference between physical & emotional hunger.
  • Implementing healthier coping mechanisms.
Week 8 - Mid Way Review
  • Revisiting motivators – what are my reasons for losing weight?
  • Reviewing my weight loss behaviours
Week 9 - Sleep & Stress
  • Understand how sleep can affect our overall wellbeing and impact weight loss.
  • Interventions to manage stress
Week 10 - Eating out & Special occasions
  • Able to challenge assumptions around eating out – healthy/unhealthy.
  • Able to develop strategies for eating out.
Week 11 - Self-worth
  • Understanding the importance of self
  • Cultivating the belief, we can make a difference in our own lives.
Week 12 - Managing Setbacks
  • Identifying triggers and solutions.
  • Learning from lapses.

At OneLife Suffolk, we understand that 12 weeks is a relatively short period of time, particularly when attempting to lose weight. If you complete a programme with us, you will be offered ongoing monthly maintenance sessions. This provides the opportunity to raise any challenges you need some additional support with, continue to have your weight checked by your practitioner and share tips and advice with your fellow group members, as well as gain tips from them too!