Do I have to have all the long term health conditions to qualify for the service?

No, as long as you have a long-term condition then you are eligible for the service.

How much activity will I be expected to do?

That comes down to you and your capabilities. The team will support and encourage you to be achieving at least 30 minutes per week as a starting point, to then gradually and safely increase this.

How intense will the exercise be?

It’s up to you what activity you choose, the team will provide guidance on what may be best suited for you to ensure the intensity level is right.

Do OneLife deliver free exercise sessions?

No, we work closely with our partners who offer activity sessions at all levels. It is our job to make you aware of these and signpost/refer where appropriate.

How do you know what activities are best suited to my long-term condition?

All providers have stated which activities are suitable what long term condition and this is all stated within activity menu’s. Don’t worry our practioner will help you.

What if I don’t want to go on my own for the first time or am nervous/scared?

You can discuss this with your designated practitioner who will be happy to discuss options with you to overcome this, e.g. bringing a friend along or a member of our friendly OneLife team.