OneLife Suffolk

How much do the Summer Clubs cost?

Our Summer Clubs are free, as are all our resources.

How do I work out if my child is eligible to attend the Summer Club?

To be eligible for our Summer Club, your child will need to have a BMI above their ideal weight. To work this out, simply click here. Alternatively, you can call the client services team on 01473 718193. They will then ask a member of the children’s team to contact you to have a discussion around eligibility for the Summer Clubs as well as support in calculating your child’s BMI.

Why is there an eligibility criteria to attend?

Suffolk County Council funds OneLife Suffolk to provide a range of healthy lifestyle services to help families and children across Suffolk. Some programmes and initiatives are open to all, but some of the initiatives we deliver need to be targeted at children currently over their ideal weight. We aim to support families and children to lead healthier lifestyles.

Are these Summer Clubs about weight loss?

No, our clubs are about teaching children and families about making sustainable changes that will support them in looking after their wellbeing and tips and tools on living a healthy lifestyle.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply click here and complete the Summer Club sign up form or call our friendly client services team on 01473 718193, who will ask you for some information to book you on. 

What will I receive after signing up?

After signing up for the summer club, you will receive some forms and questionnaires in the post or email. If you have received the paperwork in the post, please complete these forms and bring them to the first day of the Summer Club. Alternatively, we can send you a link to complete this paperwork online via Smart Survey.

What should I do if my child is unwell and cannot attend a day of Summer Club? 

If, for any reason, your child is unable to attend the club, please get in touch with our client services team on 01473 718193. 

Can I opt-out of my children being measured at the Summer Club?

We need to collect data for our funders. Gathering this data allows us to get more funding so more children can access support in the future. You can opt-out of measurements and questionnaire data. However, we encourage families to take part as it will benefit them and others.

How will my child’s height and weight be collected?

Our highly experienced staff will collect this data sensitively and accurately. As part of the Summer Clubs, these measurements will be taken as part of a game and will not be shown to children or discussed.  We will take these measurements once on the first day of the club, on week 5 and again 5 weeks later in the follow-up session.

Will Covid safety measures still be in place?

Staff will follow our OneLife cleaning measures and use of PPE while at Summer Clubs. Children will be spaced out when receiving education, and lots of our sessions involve fun physical activities in well-ventilated rooms or outdoor settings. If your child or anyone they have come into contact with has any of the following symptoms stated below, please do not attend the summer club and follow government guidelines:  

  • fever
  • persistent cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • symptomatic or tested positive for Covid-19


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and inappropriate behaviour of any kind. Any such behaviour discovered at our Summer Clubs will be dealt with extremely seriously and could lead to being removed from the Summer Club.

What support is available for those with special education needs and/or disabilities?

We pride ourselves on making our clubs as accessible as possible to all children who would benefit from our healthy lifestyle activities. Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to meet any additional needs that your child may require.

Will there be trained first aiders present at the Summer Clubs?

All Summer Clubs will have a trained first aider at each venue. Unfortunately, we are unable to administer any medication to children. If your child requires any medication throughout the day, please discuss this with us beforehand to make arrangements for you or a caregiver to attend and administer the medication.

Who will be staffing these Summer Clubs?

Members of OneLife Suffolk’s Families and Young People team will be staffing these Summer Clubs. All OneLife Suffolk staff members are DBS checked and have been trained in safeguarding and health and safety.

What are the drop off and pick up times?

Drop off is 9 – 9.15am, and pick up is between 3 – 3.20pm. Pick up includes seeing the children’s presentations of what they have learnt that day, and these will take place between 3.00 – 3.20 pm.

What should my children wear?

Comfortable clothing and trainers as the children will be active throughout the day.

What does my child need to bring to the Summer Club?

Your child will need to bring a lunch box, snack, water bottle, sun cream, and a change of clothes. The children will be active throughout the day, so a change of t-shirt may be needed.

What is my child not allowed to bring to the Summer Clubs?

We recommend that your child does not bring any expensive gadgets e.g. phones, watches, or money, due to the risk of any valuable items getting lost or broken. If these items are brought to the Summer Clubs, they will be stored and returned at the end of the day and the parents will be informed. OneLife Suffolk cannot be held responsible for any items lost or stolen while at the Summer Clubs.

Do I need to bring a packed lunch?

Yes. Every child needs to bring a packed lunch with a refillable water bottle to our Summer Clubs. We are also a nut-free setting, so please ensure your child’s lunch is nut-free.

What should I put in their packed lunch?

Please see the lunchbox guidelines.

Do parents/carers need to attend these Summer Clubs?

No, it is a drop-off and pick-up format. (Except in the cases of medication or accessibility). However, parents/carers should arrive in time to see the children’s presentations at the end of the day. Parent/ carers will also be asked to take part in weekly Zoom calls to find out what the children have learned, ask any questions they may have, and reinforce the learning from a parents/carers point of view.

How can parents/carers get involved in the learning?

Parents/carers are encouraged to be involved in the learning by watching the presentations at the end of the day that the children will create to show everything they have learned and discussed. Most importantly, we encourage parents to join our weekly parent Zoom calls where the delivery team will cover parent-focused information; this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. 

Why are the Summer Clubs in Ipswich and Lowestoft?

We have chosen these locations based on Public Health England data and venue accessibility.

Will the Summer Clubs be inside or outside?

The venues have both indoor and outside spaces. Sessions will take place in both (weather dependant).

What is the age range of the Summer Clubs?

Children aged between 5-14 years old can attend our clubs. We will group the children by age for most activities, but they will also have opportunities to mix throughout the day.

Can siblings attend?

Yes, any siblings (over the age of 5 years old) can attend the Summer Club, regardless of whether they meet the eligibility criteria.

Can a friend attend?

If the child’s friend meets the eligibility criteria, they can also attend our Summer Clubs.

Can a friend/relative pick up my child?

Only named people can pick up children from our clubs. (We ask for these details during the sign-up process.)