Our programmes

At OneLife Suffolk, we offer a combination of 10-week Family Programmes in the community and “In School Programmes”, we take an approach that focuses more on the importance of healthy lifestyles, instead of encouraging weight loss, where there are no unrealistic expectations.

10 Week Family Programme

The 10 Week Family programmes, invite the whole family to learn more about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, supporting you all to set and achieve realistic goals that will see you in achieving a healthier lifestyle that can be maintained. Throughout the 10 – Weeks our team of trained practitioners will deliver a different topic each week.

Week 1 – Why make a change?

Week 2 – Energy balance and healthy eating

Week 3 – Portion control and snacks

Week 4 – Approaching activity

Week 5 – Halfway checkpoint and healthy lunches

Week 6 – Understanding influence and making choices

Week 7 – Food labelling

Week 8 – What’s in my drink?

Week 9 – Special occasions, eating out and healthy breakfasts

Week 10 – Next steps and moving on

Teen Programmes

Our teen programmes are structured in the same way as the 10-week family programmes, however, they are tailored specifically to the age range. 

We do still encourage parents or carers to attend, however, this is not mandatory. 

In School Programmes

Our team deliver topics from the family programmes in schools across the county for up to 6 weeks, supporting the healthy lifestyle and PSHE curriculum. If your child’s class are involved, you would receive a letter from the school which would provide more information.

If you are a teacher and feel your school could benefit from this free programme, please check out our whole school package under the workplace and schools package tab on our homepage.

OneLife Suffolk, do not offer any alternative or additional options for young people, however, once a person reaches the age of 16 years old, they have the choice to access one of our adult programmes.