Case Studies

“Thank you for teaching Juliette and Alexandra about food, drink and physical activity. They have gone through all the cupboards and the fridge at home explaining the traffic light labelling and sharing all the new information with other family members. I think what they have learnt has been implemented more than if it was to come from their nagging parents! Thanks, OneLife Suffolk.”



Stowmarket , OneLife Suffolk Summer Holiday Club

“After six weeks on the programme, I had lost 4kg. I cut down to 2 glasses of milk each day…I used to have 8 or 9! I have also swapped some of my usual snacks for healthier options, and I walk a mile each day as I now walk to school. I am more confident and happier. I was even able to stand up in assembly to read a poem which I would not have been able to do before due to my anxiety- this made my mum cry. Thanks, OneLife Suffolk.”



Ipswich , OneLife Suffolk Family Programme

“I had less time on the play station last night because we learnt we are only allowed 2 hours of screen time a day.”


Anon child

Haverhill , OneLife Suffolk Half- Term Club

” I am Writing to you to say thank you for teaching us how to stay and keep healthy. when you taught us about having more sleep, doing more exercise and eating healthier foods!”

I will try and to stay healthier and drink more water and eat foods with less sugar in!”

Anon child

Haverhill, OneLife Suffolk Half term Club