Coronavirus Update

Continuation of Child Weight Management Services Provided by OneLife Suffolk during the COVID -19 Pandemic.

We are pleased to advise you of the changes to the way our child weight management services are delivered in response to the government advice to help limit the transmission of COVID -19. 

OneLife Suffolk will continue to deliver child weight management and other lifestyle services. We have made provisions for all our staff to work from home, which means we have stopped all face-to-face delivery and are offering telephone and digital support instead. This includes virtual platforms such as Zoom to interact with families, as well as additional content available through Facebook, YouTube and the OneLife Suffolk website.  Please be advised therefore that you can still sign up or refer into our services.

Please call us on 01473 718193

Families and Young People Service

OneLife Suffolk delivers a highly successful, free family & young people’s healthy lifestyle service. The service is aimed at families, children and teens who struggle with their weight and who want to become fitter and healthier. All the programmes provided by our children’s team are delivered by specifically trained practitioners who offer a combination of interactive sessions, physical activity and games along with education, making reaching and maintaining a healthy weight fun. Our programmes are designed to benefit the whole family and are tailored to specific age groups, supporting young people between the age of 4 – 18 years old.

Offering a combination of 10-week Family Programmes and In School Programmes, we take an approach that focuses more on the importance of healthy lifestyles, instead of encouraging weight loss, where there are no unrealistic expectations.

OneLife Suffolk offer 3 levels of support*to find out more click below Our Programmes:

  • For our children the most important aims of the programme are to make friends, improve confidence, find enjoyable ways of being active and to learn about nutrition in a non-judgmental way.


  • We do not take a ‘dieting’ approach as we know that excessively restrictive eating plans are unsustainable long term. We discuss the drawbacks of dieting with parents and encourage them to refrain from talking about dieting in front of their children.


  • We work with parents to find strategies that promote a good relationship with food for their children. This includes not demonising certain foods or food groups, not describing particular foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and not using food as a reward or punishment.


  • One of our programme aims is to improve body image and self-esteem. We use a diverse range of body shapes in our resources and marketing material, we encourage the children we work with to find value in themselves that is unrelated to their appearance and our group-based programme allows children to develop friendships and support systems that they may not have been able to access in other settings.


  • We are doing all we can to embed work around body image, preventing disordered eating patterns and finding ways of managing children’s emotions and behaviours without food into our programmes.

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