There are around 800,000 people affected by dementia living in the UK. It is important that as a community we feel more confident in recognising the early signs and symptoms of dementia and begin to understand what it might be like for someone living with the disease. You can do this by becoming a dementia friend. OneLife Suffolk are hoping to encourage as many people across the County to become trained, please read on to find out more about how you can do this and why it Is important.

How do I become a dementia friend?

if you are short of time you can become a dementia friend by registering your details and watching a short 5-minute video by clicking here.
Face-to-face dementia friend training may also be available and details of your closest sessions can be found here.

Why should I become a dementia friend?

The online training only takes approx. 8 minutes
You will have better awareness of the disease
Through completion of the online training you will also receive a ‘Little Book of Friendship’ and a dementia badge.
You will feel more confident in recognising and identify some of the common signs and symptoms of dementia which may benefit everyone around you including, clients, patients, friends, family and colleagues!
You can sign post others to the training to help spread awareness in your local area
You may feel more confident when signposting people/ patients to useful resources or support sessions

What next?

Click here to find out more about how you can put your training into action.
Support others to think about how the risk of dementia could be reduced through making positive lifestyle changes. OneLife Suffolk is a FREE healthy lifestyle service offering weight management, stop smoking, health walks, health checks and an active wellbeing service.
If you already care for someone that is affected by dementia, then there may also be some support available for you. The Suffolk Family Carers can provide some information, guidance and support for carers, for more details, head to Suffolk Family Carers.

Dementia cannot always be prevented, but to find out about what we can do to reduce our risk, click here.

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