Onelife Suffolk services have now ceased delivery in Suffolk. Our company Morelife UK Ltd operate nationally providing valuable health information and interventions, for further information about our services and what we do please visit


OneLife Suffolk

What are Wellbeing Walks

Want to find out what a wellbeing walk is like? See below for what happens on our wellbeing walks.

We are the Ramblers

We are the Ramblers. We open the way for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking. And we step up to protect the places we all love to wander.

NHS: Mental health and nature

Its always great time to discover ways to look after our mental health and wellbeing. There are lots of simple things we can do, such as being in or around nature. For more information, visit

Better Health, Every Mind Matters – A short walk works for me

The past 18 months has been difficult for us all. But there are little things we can all do to look after our mental health. Search ‘Every Mind Matters’ for a free, personalised Mind Plan to see what works for you.