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Adult Weight Management

At OneLife Suffolk, we understand that 12 weeks is a relatively short period of time, particularly when attempting to lose weight. If you complete a programme with us, you will be offered ongoing monthly maintenance sessions.

This provides the opportunity to raise any challenges you need some additional support with, continue to have your weight checked by your practitioner and share tips and advice with your fellow group members, as well as gain tips from them too!

Keep us updated with your progress

If you cannot make a maintenance session we would still like you to let us know of any weight changes.

Please enter your details into the form, add any notes if you have any and click Submit here.

Don’t have scales at home? Don’t worry you could take measurements using a tape measure or tell us changes in your body such as dropping a clothing size just note them in the message box.

Weight Change Update

Who’s maintenance session are you attending this month? (Meeting details below)


Week 1- Tuesday 5th April2:00pmFayZoom
 Thursday 7th April5:45pmMattZoom
Friday 8th April10:00amSarahIpswich Library
Week 2 – Monday 11th April 6:30pmLauraZoom
  Wednesday 13th April2:00pm MattBoston Lodge
 Week 3 – Monday 18th April10:00amLauraZoom
Tuesday 19th April 6:30pmKateZoom
 Week 4 –Monday 25th April 7:30pmFay Zoom
  Thursday 28th April 10:00amKateZoom
Thursday 28th April6:45pmSarahZoom


Week 1- Tuesday 3rd May2:00pmFayZoom
 Thursday 5th May5:45pmMattZoom
Week 2 – Monday 9th May6:30pmLauraZoom
Wednesday 11th May2:00pmMattBoston Lodge
  Friday 13th May10:00am SarahIpswich Library
 Week 3 – Monday 16th May10:00amLauraZoom
Tuesday 17th May6:30pmKateZoom
 Week 4 –Monday 23rd May7:30pmFay Zoom
  Thursday 26th May10:00amKateZoom
Thursday 26th May6:45pmSarahZoom


Week 1- Tuesday 7th June2:00pmFayZoom
 Thursday 9th June5:45pmMattZoom
Friday 10th June10:00amSarahIpswich Library
Week 2 – Monday 13th June6:30pmLauraZoom
  Wednesday 15th June2:00pm MattBoston Lodge
 Week 3 – Monday 20th June10:00amLauraZoom
Monday 20th June7:30pmFayZoom
Week 4 –Tuesday 21st June6:30pmKateZoom
 Thursday 23rd June6:45pmSarahZoom
Thursday 30th June10:00amKateZoom

Zoom ID – Please use these zoom details for all practitioners

All practitionersMeeting ID: 955 482 7466
Zoom Password:

Please see below for address of face-to-face sessions and contact details to book your place. Places are limited and will be given on a first booked process.

Boston Lodge,
Boston Road,
Lowestoft, NR32 1UG 807244
Ipswich Library,
Northgate Street,
Ipswich, IP1 3DE 044966