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Case Studies

OneLife Suffolk

Mark, OneLife Suffolk client

Hear Mark explain how OneLife Suffolk has allowed him to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by making long-term, sustainable changes.

Leanne, OneLife Suffolk client

“I’m more positive, I don’t feel like I don’t want to go out…my home life is better, my relationship with my husband, (and I’m) going out and doing stuff with the kids.”

Tricia, OneLife Suffolk client

“I came to OneLife Suffolk because I have severe back, foot and knee pain and there is no cure. I decided, with the support of my doctor, that weight loss would help.

There are ways round most things and walking with Alpine sticks has enabled me to go much further.

I am hugely appreciative of the support Laura has given and value the integration of mental and physical influences on our dieting experiences. My current goal is to walk at least 5 miles and I am slowly getting there.

Whilst on the course I have lost weight very slowly because I wanted a lifestyle that I could sustain long-term, rather than the yo yo effect that has been the previous pattern. I am seventy-six and occasionally I feel old, but mostly not.

The impact it had on my life is the pride I feel in myself. I am confident that is it sustainable and I will look to the maintenance classes for support.”

Chris, OneLife Suffolk client

“I came to OneLife Suffolk because I wanted to lose weight but doing it on my own was a challenge.

Whilst on the course, I learnt that dieting isn’t the answer. I learnt I am worth spending time on me, I can eat whatever I want, if it’s worth it, and to enjoy and be mindful of what I was eating.

Dieting is short term; lifestyle change is changing my life. Biggest impact for me is the left path, right path. It guides me every day!

I’ve started going to the gym, I eat healthier and I had to buy new clothes too!”