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This or That – Save money and make your home smoke free

OneLife Suffolk

Stopping smoking can save money and your health!

The average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes comes in at around £13.00. If you smoke more than 10 a day you’re looking at £52 a week to cover your smoking habit! With the current rise in the cost of living, that £52 could go towards your shopping, heating or fuel.

Rolling tobacco can seem to be the cheaper option coming in around £26 (50g) which could last you around 10 days, that’s still over £78 a month that you could be saving!

The illustration below shows you how much shopping you could purchase with the money a smoker would save by quitting smoking.

Stopping smoking also improves yours and your loved ones health

Smoking doesn’t just harm your health, it also harms the health of your family and friends who are close to you while smoking. When smoking, most of the smoke doesn’t go to your lungs, it travels in the air around you, where anyone can breathe it in. This is called secondhand smoke. When your family and friends breathe in the smoke, this becomes passive smoking.

What is passive smoking?

Passive smoking is when someone inhales smoke from another person who is smoking around them.

Is passive smoking dangerous?

People who breathe in secondhand smoke have the same chances of damaging their health as a person who smokes. They are more likely to develop lung cancer and heart disease. Young children who also live in smokey houses are at higher risk of developing breathing problems, such as asthma and allergies.

How to protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke?

There’s only one way to protect your family and friends from secondhand smoke, and that is to keep the environment around them smoke free. The best way you can make sure this happens is to quit smoking.

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*pricing correct at time of publishing Oct 2022

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