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Love Yourself Suffolk

OneLife Suffolk

With new year resolutions over some of us may start slipping into bad habits and not looking after our own health and wellbeing. We want to remind everyone it’s time to give themselves some love and self-care.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is exactly what it sounds like: taking care of yourself. Self-care is the practice of consciously doing things that help and improve your mental or physical health. When people talk about self-care they are generally talking about the conscious and deliberate choice to do something that looks after you and your wellbeing.

In response, OneLife Suffolk and Healthy Suffolk (Suffolk County Council Public Health) have launched a campaign focused on supporting self-care and creating easy access to some resources, advice and sign posting to services that can support.

A calendar of ideas to help you focus on improving you and your families health. Download your copy here

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