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After Care

OneLife Suffolk

Congratulations, you’re a parent!

Here are few tips to help you stay healthy after your pregnancy.

Bonding with your baby

Here are some ideas to help you bond with your newborn

  • Skin-to-skin
  • Eye contact
  • Have a chat together!
  • Tummy time!
  • Play together
  • Cuddle & hold your baby as much as you can

Time-saving cooking tips

It can be very hard to juggle looking after your newborn and trying to eat healthily at the same time, here are sine time-saving cooking tips to help:

  • Tinned and frozen vegetables are quick to prepare and also count as your 5-a-day
  • Cook more than you need, then you can freeze the extra portions for another day
  • Try steaming, steaming is a super quick way to cook vegetables and fish – it’s also really healthy

Here at OneLife Suffolk, we offer FREE support for the residents of Suffolk while you’re pregnant, for more information, please click the button.

Support on breastfeeding

Infant Feeding Groups