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Family Carers Campaign

OneLife Suffolk

Now more than ever, it is so important that carers get the information and support they need to maintain their own health and wellbeing, alongside that of the person they care for.

Due to lockdown, many support services have had to change how they operate and support people virtually instead of face to face. However, this can lead to some people feeling digitally excluded due to not being able to access these services or not knowing how to.

In response, Suffolk Family Carers, OneLife Suffolk and Healthy Suffolk have launched a campaign focused on supporting family carers aged over 60. This involved creating three resource booklets which can be downloaded below:

I am a family carer, where can I find more support?

Suffolk Family Carers help family carers of all ages across Suffolk get the support they need to live fuller lives. They provide information, advice and support to thousands of family carers each year.

Suffolk Family Carers can also help you pull together a contingency plan. This plan (known as a Family Carer Emergency Plan) is held securely by Suffolk County Council and can be activated should something happen to you. This may be a medical emergency or you feel you are nearing carer breakdown. More information about this can be found HERE.

For more information about Suffolk Family Carers, please visit their website:

How do I register as a carer?

You can register to become a carer through Suffolk Family Carers. They can support Young Carers (5-15 years old), Young Adult Carers (16-24 years old) and family carers. Find out how to register as a carer by clicking HERE.

Suffolk Family Carer’s contact details:

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