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Tips and benefits

OneLife Suffolk

We know it’s going to be difficult to cut down on your alcohol intake, that’s why we’ve come up with some tips & tricks to help you!


  • If you fancy a cocktail why not swap it for a mocktail!
  • Try to set a budget when you go out drinking, that way you’re monitoring what you drink and might be able to save some money
  • Let your family and friends know, they’ll be able to help and support you on your journey
  • Make smaller drinks compared to your regular measure
  • Download the free Drinks Free App, you can track your drink-free days and track your progress

Benefits of drinking less alcohol

Short term benefits

  • You can say goodbye to hangovers, instead of feeling sick and tired in the mornings you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day
  • Heavy drinking interferes with chemicals in your brain that are key for us to have good mental health. So even though drinking may feel like it’s relaxing it, it’s not.
  • You’ll have more energy to do things you love doing and will be able to sleep better
  • Alcohol dehydrates your body leaving your skin looking dull, so by cutting down your alcohol intake you’ll be left with brighter skin
  • You could lose some weight, alcohol contains a lot of calories, so by cutting down you could increase your chance of losing some weight

Long term benefits

Drinking alcohol excessively can lead to a number of serious health conditions, but by cutting down your intake you could benefit from decreasing your chances. You’re less like to develop:

  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • High blood pressure
  • Sexual disfunction
  • Liver disease
  • Gut problems