Thursday 22nd September 2022

Our phone lines will be closed today. However, you can still refer or sign up for any of our services through our website.

We’ll be back open on Friday 23rd September.

Tuesday 19th September, Bank Holiday

Due to the passing of our late Queen Elizabeth II we will be taking part in the Bank Holiday to pay our respects to our late Majesty.

Your practitioner will have contacted or will be contacting you shortly about any booked appointments or groups.

Please note, these groups are now cancelled:

  • Adult Weight Management group at Lowestoft, Inspire Suffolk (12:30-2pm & 5:30 – 7pm)
  • NHS Health Checks at Bridge Community Centre (Bury St Edmunds) and Chantry Library (Ipswich)
  • Get Help To Get Active groups; Stowmarket, Sudbury, Haverhill and Zoom sessions are all cancelled